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St. Therese Sisters

The St. Therese Sisters, whose organization has in the meanwhile been renamed into ‘St. Mary Goreth Organization’, decided in 1991 to work against the HIV/ AIDS epedemic professionally. With the help of several American and European donors and donor-organizations, such as ‘Solidarity with Orphans’, a project was initiated which predominantly finances the school visit of orphans, produces soap and qualifies girls in becoming tailors and boys in becoming carpenters.

The headquarters of the Sisters is situated in Nyaigando, which is 20 min. away from Bukoba, the biggest city in the region. On the domicile, the church as well as housing units and offices of the sisters and the priest are located. At the moment, an additional building is under construction which is supposed to serve as conference centre in which work shops with regards to HIV/ AIDS and other pressing issues are going to be held.

Within the region, the sisters enjoy a very good reputation which is of crucial importance for development projects. Legitimacy is often the factor which can decide over success of failure of such undertakings. The very good education in addition to the almost inexhaustible energy and commitment of the sisters does significantly contribute towards the success of the project.

The sisters are not only responsible for their respective projects, but are furthermore important contact persons for many people in the region with whom problems are shared and dissolved. The church as an institution crucially helps to maintain stability in the region. It is moreover for many people a place of refuge and hope.


Location: Nyaigando/ Kagera region

Aim: Support of HIV/AIDS orphans by means of education, vocational training in addition to pastoral and medical measures

Future plans: Introduction of the Memory Book

Person in charge

Name: St. Tryphina Burchard

Position: Management and coordination of all projects

Qualifications: M.A. in Professional Development – Teacher