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‘Solidarity with Orphans‘ regards education as the greatest potential for fighting poverty. Knowledge enables young boys and girls to take on responsibility for both themselves and others. For this reason, starting in 1991, we have been supporting orphans and half-orphans by financing their school fees. In 20011/12 we have financed 349 children the attendance of a primary or secondary school.

In order to generate conditions for effective and promising learning results, our support also embraces the provision of school uniforms and school equipment. We are also planning to provide University scholarships which are supposed to enable committed and talented students the pursuit of their interests and career aspirations.

‘Solidarity with Orphans‘ has committed itself to provide highest levels of transparency. So that donors have the possibility to follow up what and how much is being achieved with their donations. Therefore, in the following we will provide you with the persons in charge as well as with financial expenditures:

The costs for attending secondary school vary, as some orphans live in boarding schools. Attendance to a regular school amounts to 75€ a year, or 6,25€ per month. Costs for boarding schools are 390€ per year or 32,50€ montly . Both amounts include school-fees, school-uniform, shoes, socks, pens, exercise books, dictionaries, food as well as fees for national tests and the maintenance of respective schools.

To date, we estimate that one scholarships for university attendance will amount to 1350€ per year or 112,50€ a month. Included are University fees in addition to room and board.

The person in charge in Tanzania is St. Drosta Tibakya. She has received a certificate in strategic planning and currently teaches at one of the schools.


Simon Stippig  Scholarship Management

Michael Thalmair  Scholarship Management

Projekt Overview

Umfang: 467 scholarships to date

Location: 15 schools in Kashozi region

Aim: Empowerment through education

Future plans: Creation of university scholarships

Person in charge

Name: Sr. Gaudentia Joseph

Position: Director; Consultant and nurse

Education: B.A in social work

Experience: since 2005