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Computer Center

In accordance with our demand to shape development aid in a sustainable manner, we have established our Computer Learning Center in cooperation with the Rotary Club.  The Computer Learning Center will give children in the Carpentry and Tailoring Education Projects, as well as our supported children who attend Secondary School, the possibility of a future-oriented education.

For our computer classes, we will use innovative learning software that will allow us to qualitatively enhance the lessons that are already being taught at school, as well as the VETA and NECTA computer courses that have been certified by the Tanzanian government.

We have provided 5 computers for the cybercafé and hope that the revenue generated from them will make the Computer Learning Center self-sufficient in the future.

We are very excited to make this progressive method of teaching and studying available to the children.

Maximilian Musiol Volunteer Program, Computerlab, Memory Book

Projekt Overview

Umfang: 1 computer center

Location: Nyaigando

Aim: Teaching essential computerskills

Future plans: Economical self-sufficiency

Person in charge

Name: Sr. Gaudentia Joseph

Position: Director; Consultant and nurse

Education: B.A in social work

Experience: since 2005