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Carpentry Vocational Training

Education is crucial for ‘Solidarity with Orphans‘. Unfortunately, graduating from a school does not necessarily ensure a job in a company. Due to high levels of unemployment, we created facilities of vocational training in order to complement our educational efforts and ensure more independence for the orphans. The carpentry project was initiated in September 2003 for male orphans, representing a professional training with an officially approved degree. It aims at financially sustaining itself within the next few years by selling products which are being fabricated by the boys.

The headquarters of the carpentry project is situated in the village of Igombe, around 1.5 km away from the domicile in the St. Therese Sisters. The vocational training lasts for 3 years. After 2.5 years, every pupil has to pass a national test. Within the remaining 6 months, the trainees have to deepen their practical skills. Moreover, every apprentice signs a contract by which he commits himself to support the project after his graduation according to his individual possibilities.

As the working conditions are not ideal yet, an extension of the carpentry premises is planned, especially a storage facility for wood. The electrification of the facility has been finalized in spring 2010.

‘Solidarity with Orphans‘ has committed itself to provide highest levels of transparency so that donors have the possibility to follow up what and how much is being achieved with their donations. Therefore, in the following we will provide you with the persons in charge as well as with financial expenditures:

The financial expenditures for the project currently amount to 10.000 US Dollars per year. The attendance of the technical school is included. Moreover, one has to distinguish between varying costs for students attending boarding or day schools. Expenditures for one trainee in a day school are currently 165 € per year, or 14 € a month. The boarding school is slightly more expensive with 230 € per year or 19 € a month.

Detailed expenses for wood, tools and other working material are not yet available.

Carpentry teachers on the ground are Elizeus Dionis, Raymond Christinian and Rusticus Jerome, who have in some cases attained their degree within the project.

Contact: Severin Kampfer

Projekt Overview

Location: Vocational Center: Kashozi/ Shop: Bukoba

Aim: Vocational training in carpentry and entrepreneurship

Future plans: Purchase of a truck to transport more raw materials / storage facility for wood

After graduation: Toolbox to work independently

Person in charge

Name: Sr. Gaudentia Joseph

Position: Director; Consultant and nurse

Education: B.A in social work

Experience: since 2005