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“Imagine every child can unravel its full potential.”

For the implementation of our vision, we, “Solidarity with Orphans”, work together with our African partners, the St. Therese Sisters. In order to be able to offer the orphans a promising and sustainable perspective for the future, we follow four main guidelines:


1. Integration into local structures
We provide upfront aid that is integrated into local structures and communities. The Sisters work as chaplains and are the first point of contact in the case of an emergency.
2. Scholarships
Another main point is located in the field of education. We do not run schools ourselves, but we finance school fees.

3. Training Centers
Within our training projects (carpentry/tailoring), we educate the girls and boys who are not able to attend institutes of higher education. The costs for the tuition pay for itself due to the sale of furniture or clothes.

4. Social undertaking
Fourth, we run a social undertaking. The proceeds of soap-selling are either reinvested into the three other projects or into the undertaking itself.


Evidently we are eager to create the best framework conditions possible for all of the children whom we support, so that they can flourish. At the end of this process, we hope they will be self-confident young people, able to lead a independent lives, on a societal as well as an entrepreneurial level. Ideally, these children will also support our association later in life.

Our project is located in North-Western Tanzania in the Kagera region. The administrative center of the region is the city of Bukoba, which is 1500 km away from the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salam. The headquarters of the St. Therese Sisters is based in Nyaigando which is a 20 minutes bus ride away from Bukoba. The entire project is being coordinated from our office in Nyaigando, which is the central contact point for orphans.