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Report by Rob – Part 4

29 Januar, 2014 keine kommentare

It has been some time since my last blog entry and much has happened in the meantime. Early in January I took the opportunity to travel with Irene and Lily to Kigali in Rwanda for a few days where we enjoyed the opportunity to eat some Italian and French food, quite a welcome change from our diet in Bukoba. Kigali itself is a fascinating city to visit. Of course, as a visitor, it is important to learn about the tragic history of this tiny country by visiting the memorials in and around the city.

Report by Rob – Part 3

07 Januar, 2014 keine kommentare

My Christmas period at Nyaigando has been a mixture of highs and lows. Christmas Day itself was very special. By some great coincidence, Vivian, a Tanzanian friend of mine from university in London has family living here in Bukoba. After meeting up with her uncle Appollo before Christmas, I was invited to attend the family Christmas celebrations. I attended Appollo’s church at Kiteba, close to Bukoba in the morning and afterwards, along with all of Appollo’s neighbours, family and friends we

Report by Rob – Part 2

26 Dezember, 2013 keine kommentare

The 2nd week in Nyaigando has passed smoothly and I now feel totally at home and comfortable here. We have now fully explored the small town of Bukoba and regularly bump into familiar faces on trips to the market or down to the lake shore. Indeed, I even met with the family of a good friend from university who is from Bukoba and I’ve been invited to join them for Christmas Day. Small world! I have also got to know many who live in the villages of Kashozi and Kibengwe, close to Nyaigando, as

Report by Rob – Part 1

19 Dezember, 2013 keine kommentare

Hamjambo? Habari gani? After months of preparation I finally started my journey to Nyaigando on the 6th of December. Having spent the previous week in Kampala, enjoying the opportunity to see a little of Uganda, I met Sister Redempta, Irene and our driver Edmond close to the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Rubaga to begin our 7 hour drive south across the border, towards Bukoba. The contrast between the bustling, chaotic city of Kampala and the tranquil, beautiful countryside, which surrounds it, was

Presenting Rob

24 November, 2013 keine kommentare

Dear all, As the latest volunteer joining Solidarity with Orphans for 4 months from early December it is with great pleasure and excitement that I can inform you of the two projects which I will be undertaking during my stay in Bukoba. The recent purchase of a delivery truck for the soap production team has been a great step forward in the process of optimising the management of this activity and should now allow us to resolve some of the other challenges which we are currently facing. Following