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The utility of one‘s own initiative

Imagine you would regularly receive money from an anonymous person without having to work for it. After a while you would ask yourself whether it is worthwhile to work at all. Such a thought experiment only reflects a small degree of the complex African reality, but it sheds light upon one of the greatest challenges in developmental work: whereas aid has the capacity to heal pressing pathogens, at the same time it poses an obstacle to one‘s own initiative which is crucial for sustainably improving one‘s life.

A global partnership as a bridge between two worlds

Helping other people is a difficult undertaking. Means, which might have been instrumental in improving one person‘s life, might not translate into similar results when applied to somebody else. It is for that very reason, that we work very closely with our partners in Tanzania.We try to support their astonishing work by virtue of constructive critique and ideas as it is the sisters who know how things are done best locally: They understand the social and economic realities better than anybody else and are experts in dealing with the problems and circumstances they are trying to cure. All the sisters have undergone excellent education progammes, partly at US universities, and are experts in theirs respective fields of work.


Jointly asking the right questions

By means of continuously communicating, we are able to give our partners all the support needed in order for their activities to bear the most fruits, while simultaneously asking for transparency and accountability. As it is our Tanzanian partners making a difference in Tanzania, we do everything in our power to advance their competencies in long-term strategical thinking. We request from our partners a long-term, intelligent project planning in order for our common engagement to fully materialise. By means of doing so, we are able to achieve highest levels of transparency and accountability, which is not only essential to us as an organisation, but even more so to our donors.

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